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Brittany here, I am a Jesus loving wife and mother of 4 precious little blessings  + my three angel babies that are waiting for me in heaven. Aside from being a busy full time mom, I own Love Prettyish Essentials where I get to gush about family, health + wellness and my love for essential oils.

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Let me tell you a story. I have always had a crush on essential oils but didn't always use them. Sadly, I admired them from a distance because I intimidated and wasn't sure how to use them. I always wondered what all they hype was about but was totally afraid to signup with one of those crazy companies - just being real. I  researched essential oils and I knew why you shouldn't buy oils from just any company (especially if you want to use them topically and dietary) but I was afraid to join a network marketing company.

Well, a friend of mine sent me a message one day asking if I was interested in essential oils, uh yea, of course I was interested! She invited me to attend an awesome class that was hosted on Facebook that covered everything I needed to know to get started using them. I was sold by the end of the class mainly because it was exactly the nudge that I needed, knowledge is power people and well the COMMUNITY that I was joining was exactly what my heart needed. It took four years of me watching from a distance for a friend to grab my hand and help me make the connection. Now I am in love, forever.

Essential oils can help your body and your mind. Being a mother of four I need the extra help where ever I can get it. Essentials oils are convenient, effective and easy to use.   I love them, my husband loves them and my kids love them. We truly are an oily family, yes this includes our dog Bella.

Now when I gush about essential oils and how they have transformed our life my husbands gets to laugh at me and say, " I told you to try them sooner but no you never listens to the guy with the beard."

Yes, husband. You did. I will admit he was right and I totally should have listened sooner.

And about the network marketing thing it isn't as scary as it seems. Honestly, it was exactly the opposite because you are never obligated to sell anything, ever. You can totally just love and use the oils that you buy. Or you can be like all of us at Love Prettyish Essentials and love them so much that you want to share them with the world. I choose to share them with the world because right now the world needs wonderful and I have big dreams that needed to become a reality. Guess what, those dreams are becoming a reality.

Plus, we set an industry standard for quality, not only with our oils and products but also our members. We are all about building each other up because we know that every purchase is supporting a dream, a family or a friend.   You can visit our farms, see our processes, and meet in our homes. Department stores don't give you all that. 

Each of our stories are different but equally wonderful. If you haven't already, join our team today, we will help guide you through your own oily journey.

Your story will write itself. 



If you could see the core of who I am it would be one sweet sparkly mess of randomness in search of purpose, understanding and love. I want to be able to help others find those things too.